London Art Fair 2024

Image: Pine Speaks to Lark – Sarah Gillespie, 2023. Silverpoint, 69 x 102 cm, Unique

London Art Fair 2024

16th January – 21nd January 2023

Stand 11

Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street

Islington, London

N1 0QH

At the London Art Fair 2024, Rabley Gallery presents a curated stand of new prints and works on paper by featured artists:

Amy-Jane Blackhall

Ian Chamberlain

Paul Furneaux RSA

Katherine Jones RA

Eileen Cooper RA

Sarah Gillespie

Molly Martin

Emma Stibbon RA

Preview Catalogue

Selected works are available before the fair.

Enquires: [email protected]

Tel:  +44 (0)7967545136

Sarah Gillespie

Sarah Gillespie – Pine Speaks to Lark, 2023

Silverpoint drawing on paper, 69 x 102 cm, Unique

Gillespie renders ‘Pine Speaks to the Lark’ in a delicate web of marks made by a fine point of silver, each mark oxidises,  breathing life into the branches of the pine. She creates an absolute stillness as we peer into a vertiginous sky. This work marks a return to the power of drawing for this artist. The image is at once unsettling and beautiful.

 The triumph of Gillespie is to draw us close to her subjects, absorbing us in the unloved and overlooked. Where the global awareness of climatic extremes shouts out as todays news, Gillespie whispers to us to pay attention to signifiers in fragile environments nearby.

Emma Stibbon RA

Emma Stibbon RA – Antiqua, Svalbard, 2023

Monoptrint, 30 x 46cm.

Emma Stibbon’s monoprint ‘Antiqua, Svalbard’ has an aura of stillness, space and the coldness of arctic breathe.

Stibbon depicts landscapes and environments undergoing dynamic change. Often working in collaboration with scientists, Stibbon researches, explores and encounters her subjects on expeditions to remote geographical regions and in urban areas, enticed by monuments to human endeavour.

Molly martin

Molly Martin – Queen of Hearts, 2023

Monotype, 25 x 30 cm, Edition 10.

We are thrilled to introduce Molly Martin as our feature artist for this year’s London Art Fair. Her work depicts enigmatic, semi-swaddled bodies in strange and symbolic surroundings, at once familiar and foreign.

Through drawing, printmaking and painting, Molly Martin endeavours to portray complicated human relationships and interactions, observing them through a wider lens of humour and playfulness. Her work is figurative, and often plays with narratives that speak of overall themes rather than a specific story.

Molly Martin trained at Falmouth, and is currently studying for an MA in Fine Art at City and Guilds in London.

Eileen Cooper RA

Eileen Cooper RA – Body and Soul 3, 2023

Watercolour on paper, 29.5 x 21 cm, Unique.

We are delighted to present new works on paper from Eileen Cooper recent celebrated publication with the Royal Academy, Body and Soul. 

Collating her visual jottings and free-form sketchbook entries, the works on paper featured in Body and Soul give a rare insight into the play and process of one of the most treasured artists working in contemporary times. 

More information about Eileen’s new series, Body and Soul, can be found here.

katherine jones Ra

Katherine Jones RA – Narcissus, 2023

Collagraph and block print on paper, 77 x 102cm,  Edition 15.

In response to her recent residency at the Chelsea Physic Garden Katherine Jones presents a new body of work featuring prints and paintings entitiled The Real Sunshine of Feeling. 

Visiting the gardens to regularly to draw alongside a group of artists from the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers has led to imagery steeped in bucolic harmony, and a quiet commentary on the changing landscape of the gardens from living classrooms to functional spaces. 

More information about the poetic series, The Real Sunshine of Feeling can be found here.

paul furneaux rsa

Paul Furneaux – Inside Outside: Blue

Mokuhanga, 60 x 120 cm, Edition 10, 2023.

The medium of Paul Furneaux’s prints; Mokuhanga’ describes woodblock printing in the Japanese tradition. This informs a radical beauty in the layering of line and colour, surface and the residual wood grain that is both visually eloquent and absorbing.

In his most recent colour-way, Inside Outside: Blue, simplified and abstracted language is utilised to suggest, rather than overly describe, where the horizon meets land. 

From 18 – 22 January 2023 the London Art Fair welcomes friends to explore an exceptional line-up of Modern and Contemporary galleries from across the globe, and experience sensational live performances, immersive installations, and an inspiring programme of talks and tours.

View Works in Rabley Gallery’s Online Shop:


A Thousand Goodbyes, 2024


60 x 91 cms (23.62 x 35.83 ins)

Printed on Arches Moulin du Gue


Nut-tree Tussock, 2024


35 x 28 cm

Edition 30

Printed on Moulin dú Gue




50 x 63 cms (19.68 x 24.80 ins)

Edition 30

Printed on Moulin dú Gue  




23.5 x 40 cms (9.25 x 15.75 ins)

Edition 30

Printed on Moulin dú Gue  



Medium: Aquatint & Polygravure

Size: 48 x 75 cm

Edition 35



Medium: Mixed Media on Paper Size: 23 x 19 cm 2023 Unique


Medium: Mixed Media on Paper Size: 23 x 19 cm 2023


Medium: Mixed Media on Paper Size: 20 x 28 cm 2023 Unique


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