London Art Fair 2022


20th April – 24 April 2022

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Business Design Centre

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At the London Art Fair 2022, Rabley Gallery is excited to announce a presentation of brand new works on paper, original Fine Art prints and ceramics from our exciting selection of artists, including:

Emma Stibbon RA 

Sarah Gillespie

Lucy Farley

Rebecca Salter PRA

Sara Lee

Jo Taylor

Eileen Cooper RA

Ian Chamberlain

Katherine Jones 

Natasha Michaels

Tim Copsey

All works are available before the fair.

Enquire: [email protected]

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Featured Works and Booth Highlights:

Eileen Cooper RA

Following a return to drawing from life in 2018 inspired by friends and students from her time at the Royal Academy Schools, these recent portraits include the symbolic use of objects, they strike an empathetic tone with the relaxed and intimate distance created between artist and model, their body language at ease with love and contemplation. The figure is central to Cooper’s imagery, her compositions underpinned by the complex question of human relationships. Cooper’s strong drawing with fluid simplified lines and colourful compositions make her work immediately recognisable.

Born in the Peak District in 1953, Cooper has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Her work is held in many public and private collections and has recently been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, London. Her work is also included in the Arts Council Collection; The British Museum; The Royal Collection; Victoria & Albert Museum; Dallas Museum of Art, Texas; Kunsthalle, Nuremberg; Walpole Library, Yale University.

‘Boy Holding a Pomegranate’, Pastel + Charcoal, 76 x 56 cm, Unique Hand Drawing, 2021

Natasha Michaels

The origins of Natasha Michaels recent monoprints lie in historical portraits from the renaissance to the 19th century. Exploring challenging and at times up-ending traditional conventions and genres, Michaels’ work is an investigation of her own ambivalence towards the originals. The subjects often appear uncomfortable or perplexed as Michaels plays with ideas of power , gender and artifice. directing the viewer to consider their status.

Part old masters part cartoons the works hint at contemporary notions of importance and beauty such as celebrity, social media filters and cosmetic procedures and create painterly composites against flat indeterminate backgrounds. The sitters appear, to themselves as well as the viewer uncertain of their identity and context.

Unsettlingly recognisable yet unfamiliar , they hover between high art and pop culture. Michaels makes multiple versions of each print constantly experimenting and adapting her approach as if engaged in a conversation with the original sitters and the emerging versions of themselves.

‘Infanta EV1/2’, Monoprint, 52.50 x 38.00 cm, Edition Variable: 1/2, 2021

Sarah Gillespie

Sarah Gillespie has recently been immersed in mezzotint printmaking process, an old, slow and painstaking method that produces unique velvet blacks and soft tones.

Sarah Gillespie’s mezzotints are imbued with richness and sense of place; they encapsulate all living things in their environments. Her work encourages us to refocus our gaze toward the everyday and the overlooked; moths, blackbirds and winter-suns.

Night in the Tiltyard evokes the area local to Sarah Gillespie’s studio in Devon at the moment of descending nightfall. The intensity of mezzotint breathes life and light into these images, becoming at once beguiling and inviting.

‘Night in the Tiltyard’, Mezzotint Engraving on Arches Moulin du gué paper, 50.00 x 50.00 cm, Edition 40, 2021

Ian Chamberlain

Exploring the intersection of architecture and technology, Ian Chamberlain’s drawings and etchings combine monumental structures with ephemerality.

Nothing Beside Remains I and the larger ‘Shelter’ series, references a body of drawings completed over 2021. The artist challenges our preconception of comfortable places and home, with graphic intensity.

‘Nothing Beside Remains I’, Pencil + Graphite, 52.5 x 66.5 cm, Unique Hand Drawing, 2021 


Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones, ‘Folding Inside Outside and her new portfolio of print ‘The Iron in the Earth’ explore temporary structures and nature as a metaphor for human vulnerability in a fragile world. They often depict quiet moments of natural beauty, emulating the wonders of looking closely at, and finding strength within it. There is an intimacy and closeness with the earth on which we stand.

Jones works with collagraph and block print, combining the inking of the intaglio and relief surface of the plate, and subtlety blending inks and revealing textures. ‘Folding Inside Outside’ demonstrates how using humble materials combined with earthy tones can create luminous expressions of nature.

‘Folding Inside Outside’, Collagraph and Block Print on Paper, 91 x 76 cm, Edition 25, 2020

From 20–24 April 2022 the London Art Fair welcomes returning and new friends of the Fair to reconnect, discover and buy the very best Modern and Contemporary Art. Celebrate the Fair’s return to the Business Design Centre, Islington and launch your new art year with over 100 leading galleries, discover guest curated spaces and engage with artists and curators.

View Works in Rabley Gallery’s Online Shop:


Medium: Monoprint Size: 52.5 x 40.5 cms (20.67 x 15.94 ins) Edition Variable: 1/3 Published 2021 Delivery incl. in listed price: £75 (for all UK mainland.)


Medium: Monoprint Size: 52.5 x 40.5 cms (20.67 x 15.94 ins) Edition: 1/1 Published 2021 Framed Price Only Delivery incl. in listed price: £75 (for all UK mainland.)  


Medium: Monoprint Size: 52.50 x 38 cms (20.67 x 14.96 ins) Edition Variable: 1/2 Published 2021 Delivery £75 incl. in listed price.  


Medium: Mezzotint

Size: 50.5 x 50.5 cms (19.88 x 19.88 ins) 

Edition of 40

Published 2021


Medium: Mezzotint. 'Sempiternal' is printed deckle edge to edge, on a hand made roundel. Size: 39.5 x 39.5 cms (15.55 x 15.55 ins) Edition of 20 Published 2021


Medium: Mezzotint

Size: 61 x 91.50 cms (24.02 x 36.02 ins)

Edition of 20

Published 2021



Medium: Mezzotint

Size: 50.5 x 50.5 cms (19.88 x 19.88 ins) 

Edition of 30

Published 2021


Medium: Somerset 300gsm rag paper

Size: 33 x 40cm

Edition of 25

Published 2021


Medium: Collagraph and Block print

Size: Paper and block 91 x 76cm

Edition of 25

Published 2020



Medium: Japanese Woodblock

Size: Paper 33 x 38 cm

Edition of 10

Published 2015


Medium: Intaglio

Size: 42.5 x 75 cms (16.73 x 29.53 ins) 

Edition of 35

Published 2021


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