London Original Print Fair Final Weekend

Rabley artists including Emma Stibbon, Eileen Cooper and Rebecca Salter invite you to join them on a tour of the London Original Print Fair to select favourite prints at this year’s fair before it closes on Sunday 31 May.

Read their insightful comments, enjoy their selections and tell us about your own favourite for an opportunity to win a £50 voucher to spend in our new online shop.

Prudence Ainslie

“In Hodgkin’s David’s Pool, 1979-1985 series I love how the images encapsulate the feeling of a space in multiple states. The wash of greens sinking into the panel of ultramarine (seen in David’s Pool) is replaced with bolder marks and muted tones (seen in David’s Pool at Night) – transporting us from the heat of the midday sun to an evening bathed in moonlight with a simple shift in pallet.”

Neil Bousfield


“I’ve always been drawn to Nevinson’s work – his dynamic use of light and the strong diagonal structure within his compositions, are an emotive mechanism for engaging the viewer within the narrative.”

Ian Chamberlain


“The etching ‘Minotaur Caressing a Sleeping Woman’ has continually been a influence in my work, balancing a strong graphic intensity with delicate layered  line work. The image is  is beautifully balanced with areas of intense detail and  negative space. A stunning example and a benchmark etching process.”

Eileen Cooper


EILEEN COOPER RA highlights LUCAS VAN DOETECUM Landscape with Windmills and Christ the Shepherd, c. 1570 . For the London Original Print Fair Collectors Choice Royal academicians were invited to select their favourite print from the fair. 

“I’ve always loved early art works and ‘Landscape with Windmills and Christ the Shepherd’, which is very rare, particularly resonates with me during this period of enforced seclusion. It’s poetic and a bit naive and I’m able to travel through this landscape, enjoying the animals and birds, the inviting sense of distance and human activity and ingenuity.”

Katherine Jones


“I love Robyn Denny’s later work. ‘All Through the Day III (green), 1970’. This is from a series published by Bernard Jacobsen gallery in 1970, He has the ability to catch the vibrations between closely related tones of carefully placed symmetrical, ordered block colour which illicit a very real visceral response in the viewer.”

Sara Lee


“I’ve chosen a small etching – ‘ Man at a Window’ by Celia Paul, with Marlborough graphics. I love the feeling of light in the image and the feeling that there is more happening outside the window than in the room with this solitary figure. Of course it also makes a reference for me of this period of lockdown and of being home and looking out on the world rather than being within it”

Rebecca Salter PRA


President of the Royal Academy of Arts

“I am drawn to the immediacy and obsessive quality to the line in this etching which is absolutely fizzing with energy. It has the seductive quality of a print produced ‘en plein air”

Nana Shiomi


“My favourite print is “La Réparation” by Louise Bourgeois from the stand of Marlborough Graphics. I love Bourgeois’s simple but strong straight forward approach for her message. As a female expresser, I cannot ignore her work. Now I am making my new works inspired by her word “Home for Runaway Girls”. Look forward to it!”

Emma Stibbon


“I chose the wiry etching ‘Lack of Memory III’ by the Norwegian artist Christopher Jenssen as I enjoy it’s floating lines and open sensibility. A lack of memory can make one free to possibilities – this image makes me feel like that.

My print ‘Snowfield’ is made from a recent trip to the Argentiere glacier in the French Alps. I could glimpse this smaller, hanging glacier above as I traversed down the main glacier, jumping over crevasses. The snowfield looked pristine. Although it is probably not going to be there for much longer it seemed to offer a sense of the infinite”

Sadie Tierney

“in Paula Scher ‘Europe’, 2009, the European countries are linked by rhythmic surface, flowing composition and harmonious colours. 

I’m enjoying travelling in my mind during lockdown and feeling connected to Europe and the rest of the world. 

I look at this print and imagine Norway where my grandmother was born, painting in the French Alps this January, west coast French beaches I hoped to visit in the summer and my brothers family in Poland. I love to paint en plein air and this print takes me back to those places I feel emotionally connected to. 

Paula Scher b.1948 is a hugely influential designer but like so many female artists, is less of a household name than her male counterparts. Ha!”

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London Original Print Fair 2020




London Original Print Fair 2020

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