Sadie Tierney New York Series at the IFPDA Print Fair NY

In New York, surrounded by the light, sounds and smell of a place, it is intoxicating! There is an energy and excitement to capturing time in a sketchbook. Tierney brilliantly translates her love of the city from her drawings into seductive prints. 

At the IFPDA Print Fair 2020 (online) Rabley Gallery is exhibiting Tierney’s New York series Chrysler and Empire State, 2019.  Each unique print revels in the changing light and colours of the skyline as time moves us from dawn to nightfall over its iconic architecture. 

Each print is an edition variable, being printed from the same woodcut blocks, but inked and printed in a unique set of colours.  The quality of these prints is fresh and exciting, offering a more unique and experimental field of play for the collector and for this artist as she develops the imagery.

Tierney has a special affection for New York. She first travelled to this spectacular city on Concord in the 90’s as an artist in flight! Mesmerised by the city that never sleeps, she has celebrated Coney Island and the skyline in her colourful works. Last year Tierney revisited New York to take in the sights from the rooftop of the Rockefeller Centre observation deck and be inspired to make these vibrant prints.

Sadie Tierney was born in London and grew up in Chichester, UK. She currently lives in Portsmouth with her family. She studied at the Royal College of Art, MA (RCA) Fine Art Printmaking and BA(Hons)Fine Art, at Newcastle University.

Her work is in numerous collections including: USA:Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York. UK: The Royal West of England Academy (Bristol); Golder -Thompson Gift, Otter Collection, University of Chichester; Swindon Museum and Art Gallery; Clifford Chance Collection; Eton College Collection, Royal College of Art, London; The Royal Navy. European: National Museum in Gdansk (Poland)

The Empire State and Chrysler woodcut series are available in variable editions of 15 prints, 56 x 38cm, £750 each

“Her prints are colourfully and selectively ‘inked’ in a fashion according to the changing light viewed from her vantage point atop the Rockefeller Centre, making each a unique prospect of Manhattan over the course of a working day.

The deep white lines that define the shapes and cursory detail of New York’s sentinel landmarks are achieved using the same kind of ‘drilling’ tool on her woodblocks that the builders in that famous black and white photo who sits in a line on high rise girder eating their packed lunches would have used”

Adam Dant writing for Spears, Magazine 2019.

The IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair continues online until the 13th June 2020




IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Spring 2020

13th May - 13th June 2020 Online

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