Folio 22 Enters The Pallant House Gallery Permanent Collection

New Acquisitions into Public Collections

Rabley Gallery 2023

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of several new works into public galleries and museums collections across the country. This feature outlines these recent successes and thanks everyone who have made them possible.

FOlio 22 enters the pallant house gallery permanent Collection

Folio 22 – Set

Collection: Pallant House Gallery

We are thrilled to announce that Folio 22 has entered the Pallant House Gallery permanent collection. Folio 22 celebrates in print 12 artists working with Rabley Gallery in 2022, from Royal Academicians and established names to new and emerging talent. The featured artists in this major collection of prints are:

Prudence Ainslie

Neil Bousfield

Ian Chamberlain

Eileen Cooper RA

Lucy Farley

Sarah Gillespie

Katherine Jones RA

Sara Lee

Natasha Michaels

Nana Shiomi

Emma Stibbon RA

Sadie Tierney

Together, these artworks connect across medium, subject and style to create an important, unique moment in contemporary printmaking. Presented in a bespoke viewing format, the various prints of Folio 22 are mounted and contained inside a solander print box.

This major acquisition is gifted from The Golder-Thompson Gift and is welcomed into their Permanent Print Collection. The Gift now includes work by over seventy artists, ranging from established figures to younger contemporary artists and Royal Academicians.


With Sara Lee, meeting Miriam O’ Connor Peak, Asst. Curator from Pallant House Gallery and presenting Folio 22 – Deluxe Edition.

Short film of Folio 22, in bespoke Solander box.

Natasha michaels enters the v&A mUseum Permanent Collection

Natasha Michaels – Young Woman with Dog (Proxy)


Photopolymer Gravure, Printed on Arches Moulin du Gué, 38 x 28cm

Edition 20

Collection: V&A Museum

Many congratulations to Natasha Michaels as this piece is welcomed into the V&A Museum’s Permanent Print Collection. 

A delicate new portrait by Natasha Michaels. Her contribution to Folio 22 has been editioned by Photopolymer Gravure by press owner and good friend Amy-Jane Blackhall at Ink on Paper Press in Corsham.

In a contrasting dialogue between subject and painting, Natasha Michaels explores conventions in classical subjects from the history of art. Referencing Jean-Honoré Fragonard, the artist writes, ‘I wondered for whom she was being painted and who she had become through years of being looked at. She is so well known as a painting but as a person, she is invisible.’

At once subverting and celebrating, Natasha Michaels uses her own expressive language to recast and direct the sitters, reimagining them as fictional characters. The subjects often appear, to themselves as well as the viewer, uncertain of their identity and context.

View Catalogue of works

Eileen Cooper RA enters the Tate Collection

Eileen Cooper RA – Woman Examining Her Shadow


Oil on Canvas, 152.5 x 167.5 cm

Collection: TATE

We’re thrilled to celebrate this seminal work by Eileen Cooper RA OBE, as it enters the permanent artwork collection of the TATE.

‘Woman Examining Her Shadow‘ is a work featuring strong figuration and surrealist undertones. Rendered with an unapologetically female perspective, Eileen Cooper RA depicts women both boldly and tenderly with vivid colours, connoting themes of motherhood, sexuality, life and death.

Many congratulations to Eileen Cooper RA.

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First print edition May 2022

Printed by Hulbert and Woodhall Print ISBN 978-1-8381684-2-1 £10 + £5 P&P


Complete Folio 22 set. All works can be purchased as individual prints. All prices are subject to change without notice and are subject to availability. Tax included where applicable. All prices are for unframed prints and include free delivery on the UK mainland.


2022 Multi - block woodcut Printed on 300gsm Somerset Satin paper 38 x 28cm Edition 20


2022 Photopolymer Gravure Printed on 300gsm Somerset 38 x 28cm Edition 40


2022 Etching Printed on 300gsm Hahnemuhle Etching White Image size – 20.5 x 29cm Paper Size 28 x 38cm Edition 30


2022 Multi-block reduction engraving and woodcut Printed on 150gsm Zerkall 28 x 38cm – block size 12.5 x 19cm Edition 25


2022 Handprinted water-based woodcut Printed on 90gsm Echizen Han-kusa 28 x 38cm, block size 21 x 31cm Edition 30


2022 Japanese woodcut, Hand-printed on Shioji paper 38 x 28cm Edition 30


Photopolymer Gravure, Printed on Arches Moulin du Gué 38 x 28cm Edition 20 2022.


Mezzotint (blue black ink). Printed on Arches Moulin du Gué. Plate size:  12.5cm x 17.5cm. Edition 20. 2022.


Medium: Stone lithograph, collage, monotype and pastel Printed on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper Size: 38 x 28cm Edition of 8


Medium: Handprinted Woodcut on BFK Rives Grey 280 gms Paper Size: 38 x 38 cm Block Size: 30 x 22.5 cm Published 2022  


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